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And the disciples of His, they remembered that it was written, “The zeal for the house of Yours, it has consumed Me.” (John 2:17) EWT The word zeal is defined by Webster as an “eager desire or interest; fervor.” Some words that could be used to describe zeal are: Fervor, passion, intensity, commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm. Opposites of zeal are apathy and indifference. The Book of John gives us evidence that Jesus is indeed the promised Christ and is the…
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Eternal Life

At some point, everyone wonders what is beyond this current existence. There are moments in our lives which change the way we think about life and the frailty of it. For some it’s an event that occurs in their own life. For others, it’s something that has happened to a loved one. “That was a close one,” or “that could have been me” cross our mind and we wonder about the afterlife. King David had many encounters with death. During…
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Deity of Jesus

Jesus has been depicted as a mythical character, a spiritual guru, a visionary, and a charismatic leader who broke off from the Jewish system to create a new sect. The identity and deity of Jesus has been challenged since the first century. During early Christianity, a teaching was permeating itself in the church. They denied the incarnation of Christ (deity of Jesus) and His resurrection. In a sense, they would elevate their own knowledge at the expense of Christ. They…
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Confession of Christ

Confession is one of those words that has been redefined and altered since the first century. Religious leaders and organizations have since created the “confession of faith” which is generally a public (often extensive) statement, written or oral, of their doctrinal beliefs. If that is the case, the “confession of faith” for a Christian should be the inspired New Testament. However, a confession is represented differently in the Bible. A confession is not simply a statement regarding your beliefs of…

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