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'Salvation' Tagged Posts

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Confession of Christ

Confession is one of those words that has been redefined and altered since the first century. Religious leaders and organizations have since created the “confession of faith” which is generally a public (often extensive) statement, written or oral, of their doctrinal beliefs. If that is the case, the “confession of faith” for a Christian should be the inspired New Testament. However, a confession is represented differently in the Bible. A confession is not simply a statement regarding your beliefs of…


One of the most confusing subjects to most people is the subject of baptism. The Bible is very clear as to what baptism is. The word “baptize” is not translated in most Bibles. The word is instead transliterated, or an English letter is used in place of the original Greek letter. If the word baptize were to be translated the word “immersed” would be the best English word used. To test this, you can take passages with the word “baptize”…