Belief or Faith in Christ

Belief or Faith in Christ

“Believe” and “faith” are both translated from a single Greek word in the New Testament. The Bible translators use these interchangeably. It is used to refer to:

  1. our belief in Christ – our faith (Lk 17:5, 1John 5:4),
  2. to the believers of Christ – the faithful (1Tim. 1:12, 2Tim. 2:2),
  3. the belief system of Christ – the faith (Eph. 4:13, Col. 1:13).

This may be confusing at times but the key component of it all is Christ.

We shall discuss our faith. Does our faith in Christ have substance or anything to stand on – is there evidence? There is absolute(ly) evidence. The New Testament accounts of Christ have been tested, tried, and cross-examined over the centuries with thousands of first century documents in existence. With a small .05% of transcription/human error from uninspired transcribers, they are 99.5% textually pure. The New Testament itself displays the unfolding of God’s redemption through Christ. We can’t help but see the scheme of redemption that has been carefully woven through centuries of time. There is no literature that comes close to the accuracy and amount of evidence of its reliability. The Old Testament provides evidence with the hundreds of prophesies being fulfilled in the New Testament of the coming Christ and His kingdom. We can also know Christ, the Creator, through His creation which we know with all five of our senses (Rom. 1:20, Col. 1:15-18). Even those who deny Him, cannot deny His creation because it’s all around them. The design (beauty, complexity, the power, and natural laws) of the earth and the universe give evidence of the Designer. God spoke through the fathers and the prophets in the Old Testament but now speaks to us through His Son, Jesus, who is the Christ (Heb. 1:1-2).

So today, the faithful follow the faith of Christianity through understanding of the Christ given gospel (Philp. 1:27, Col. 1:23). We have an abundance of evidence in our Bibles and all around us. Hopefully, we can seek the Scriptures so we can strengthen and mature in our faith and understand what the will of the Lord is (Eph. 5:17)


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