Eternal Life

Eternal Life

At some point, everyone wonders what is beyond this current existence. There are moments in our lives which change the way we think about life and the frailty of it. For some it’s an event that occurs in their own life. For others, it’s something that has happened to a loved one. “That was a close one,” or “that could have been me” cross our mind and we wonder about the afterlife.

King David had many encounters with death. During one of his first, he would say, “there is but a step between me and death” (1Sam. 20:3). Our passing of this life is closer now than it was yesterday. Although we cannot control when we die, we do have the ability to control where we go after this life. That, in itself, is very comforting. There are two places we could go when we die. Eternal life is mentioned and is generally contrasted with everlasting punishment (Matt. 25:46). The contrast between these two destinations is determined by the contrast of actions pursued in this life. The actions that are good (Rom. 2:8-9) or evil (Rom. 2:7). Those who sow to the flesh, which are the carnal and corruptible things, will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life (Gal. 6:8). This is referring to what we do in our life, either the things of the world/flesh (Gal. 5:19-21, Rom. 8:6-8) or that of God/Spirit (Gal. 5:22-26, Rom. 8:5).

Where do we set our mind and what do we strive to do? Is our hearts set on doing the things of the world or on the things of God? If we set our mind on and do the things of the world, we are set for everlasting punishment. But, if we set our mind on God and do the things of God, we will enjoy eternal life. Those who enjoy eternal life are not just those who do good but it is those who are living holy in Christ Jesus (Rom. 6:22-23). It was promised to them (1John 2:25). Those who are in Christ are those He adds to His church (Acts 2:41,47). It is not just for those added but those who were added and continue their faithfulness to Him until death (Rev. 2:10). May we strive to be there and help others to be there with us.

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